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Getting Started

Getting started as a Canada Discarder:
CRF Recycling

You are a discarder and this page describes how to prepare your recyclables for the collector in a Container Recycling Fee Province.

CRFs are Container Recycling Fee containers and these have a deposit or Cash Refund Fee that can be redeemed.

By following these instructions, the collector will know how much he or she is picking up and will allow to track how much you're recycling.

Deposit or CRF containers are easy to recycle. You can mix sizes and materials as long as you know how many recyclables are in your 120 litre trash bag or can.

ecycler requires you to keep all the recyclables with the same CRF or deposit value together (e.g. all 5¢ cans in a bag or all 10¢ bottles in a bag). Two hundred cans with a 5¢ CRF/Deposit\would have a value of $10.

Tip: As you accumulate recyclables of varying value, place 5¢ bottles and/or cans in one trash bag and 10¢ bottles in another.

  1. Pick what you want to discard and place the recyclables in a 120 litre trash bag or loose in a 120 litre trash can. See below for how to save each type of recyclable.
  2. The ecycler website finds possible collectors for you and gives you a list to choose from
  3. Choose a collector for each recyclable type and an email will be sent to the collector
  4. You will get an email back from the collector either accepting or declining the request; if the collector accepts, you will get a response confirming the date that the collector intends to pick up the recyclables. Collectors must arrange a pick-up within 3 days (if that does not work for you, you can email the collector again).
  5. If we can't find a collector, we ask if you would like to list your recyclables on our posting board (only your postal code is visible until the potential registered collector requests pickup information from you)

How to save each type of recyclable:

Bottles 5¢ CRF/Deposit Fill up a trash bag or trash can with at least 5¢ CRF/Deposit (a 120 litre bag or can holds approximately 175 pop cans and PET 500 ml bottles). If you can, use a bio degradable trash bag.
Bottle 10¢ CRF/Deposit Fill up a trash bag or trash can with at least 50 10¢ CRF/Deposit. If you can, use a bio degradable trash bag.
newspapers Newspapers Fill up a grocery store paper bag or tie the papers in an 8-inch bundle
Recyclables 120 litre trash bag or can
355 ml aluminum cans 200
500 ml bottles 150
600 ml bottles 100
50% 500 ml bottles 50% cans 1750
50% 600 ml bottles 50% cans 150

For other recyclables and junk:

Collectors will provide estimates for pick up of your recyclables after you list the item in our Recycling Exchange (NOTE if you receive a quote you don't like just reject and re-list the item).

Factors such as as the quantity, location and type of recyclables will determine the pick up cost. Items that are in difficult locations (up stairs, long distances from the street) will have higher pick up costs.

Single item pickup is available but consider recycling more than one item at a time. Combine with neighbors or friends to save on pick up costs.

If you can't find your recyclable item in the list list it under Junk Pickup with a note that you would like it recycled if possible.