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Getting Started

Getting started as a Canada Collector:

Here you'll learn how to collect recyclables from the discarders.

Check out "getting started as a discarder" to get an idea of what the discarders will be doing for you.

The first thing you need to do is set up your profile so that the discarders can find you. You will need to enter the distance you are willing to drive.

Next, go to the poster section of your dashboard and start making some advertising posters. Place these posters in your area. For example, many grocery stores and coffee shops allow people to post a poster about their business. Your poster will have your name and will tell people how to find you. Next, wait for discarders to contact you.

In the meantime, log into ecycler and check the recycling exchange on your dashboard for recycling that discarders have posted.

  • Discarders have the option of giving the recyclables way for free or requiring a payment for a portion of the value of re recyclables.
  • If you only want to collect free recyclables then add text to you profile that says you only collect free recyclables and if a discarder who expects a payment selects you then you should decline the pick up.
  • If you are willing to pay for a portion of the recyclables then make sure you pay by leaving them an envelop with the payment or using an online payment service. Remember you can contact them via the ecycler website to make sure you understand what the discarder expects.
  • The Collector picks up CRF recyclables for free. A Collector can choose to accept large quantities of recyclables where the discarder requires share of the value of the recyclables. In these cases, the Collector pays the Discarder 40% of the value for large quantities of CRF recyclables, paper or cardboard. In junk or appliance pick ups the Collector always gives a free estimate but will charge a fee for the pick up.
  • Use the collector dashboard to keep track of the discarder's addresses, when you need to pick up recyclables and if a payment to the discarder is required.

How Discarders will save each type of recyclable:

Bottles 5¢ CRF/Deposit Fill up a trash bag or trash can with at least 5¢ CRF/Deposit (a 120 litre bag or can holds approximately 175 pop cans and PET 500 ml bottles). If you can, use a bio degradable trash bag.
Bottle 10¢ CRF/Deposit Fill up a trash bag or trash can with at least 50 10¢ CRF/Deposit. If you can, use a bio degradable trash bag.
newspapers Newspapers Fill up a grocery store paper bag or tie the papers in an 8-inch bundle
Recyclables 120 litre trash bag or can
355 ml aluminum cans 200
500 ml bottles 150
600 ml bottles 100
50% 500 ml bottles 50% cans 1750
50% 600 ml bottles 50% cans 150