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How it works

ecycler Canada has discarders and collectors. The discarders are those who have recyclables and the collectors are those who pick them up from a business or house and then sell them to their local recyclable buyer or dispose at an approved disposal facility.

The discarder

  • Get your recylables ready for recycling. Bag CRF beverage containers, bundle cardboard, and prepare electronics/appliances to be moved

  • Go to and pick a collector

  • After establishing when they will pick up the recyclables, put them outside or meet the discarder at an agreed upon time

The collector

  • Register at and wait for discarders to contact you or start advertising yourself locally

  • Check or your e-mail for requests to pick up recyclables and accept

  • Go to their house and pick up the recyclables
    Take the recyclables to a recycling facility and dispose or recycling junk at an approved disposal facility

Click the link below to start learning more about how to get started as a Canada discarder and get your recyclables to someone who wants them!

How to be an ecycler discarder

Click the link below to start learning more about how to become a Canada collector and find recyclables for free!

How to be an ecycler collector